A data center can be identified as an advanced warehouse for web servers. This is a facility which accommodates a large number of hosting servers used by firms for storing information and files or for carrying out computation services at a large scale. Web hosting, search engines and huge social networks are only a few examples of the services which require data centers for their servers as they cannot operate on one hosting server. The facilities take care of the heat range, humidity, power and connection backups so as to ensure the most efficient and continuous work of all hosting servers situated there. All data centers have 24/7 monitoring and minimize the access to the hosting servers so as to make certain that the servers are secure all the time. The quality of any Internet service that you get often depends not just on the business you communicate with, but also on the data center facility they use.
Data centers in Shared Web Hosting
We offer our shared web hosting plans in five exceptional data centers around the world as to offer you a choice to select the one closest to you or to your target market. Our state-of-the-art cloud hosting platform is offered in all 5 of them, so you shall enjoy the very same high level of service irrespective of your choice. The facilities which are situated in the USA, England, AU, BG and Finland, provide multi-gigabit connectivity via numerous backbone Internet providers and highly effective backup generators to make sure that your websites shall be functioning at all times. Because qualified support crews handle our servers on all 3 continents, we are able to focus on creating new services and improving the existing ones constantly, so we could provide you with the first-class Internet hosting service that you've always desired.
Data centers in Semi-dedicated Hosting
If you go for one of our semi-dedicated hosting packages, you will find five data centers to select from on the order page. The reason to offer a number of locations is to make sure that your site visitors will enjoy high loading speeds regardless of their location. The revolutionary cloud hosting platform which we employ for the semi-dedicated accounts is available in all five spots - the United States, the UK, BG, AU and Finland, so you will receive the same exact high-quality service irrespective of your choice. All 5 facilities use enterprise-level UPS units and effective diesel generators to make certain that all web servers accommodated inside each of them will continue to be functional in the event of a power failure. The connectivity to the hosting servers is guaranteed by employing several Internet service providers with direct fiber routes to key cities on each continent. If any unpredicted difficulty appears, it shall be resolved immediately by skilled tech support teams that are available 24/7 in each of the five facilities.
Data centers in VPS Hosting
In order to offer you a choice where your sites will be based, we offer OpenVZ virtual private servers on 3 different continents. We have hosting servers in Chicago (US), Coventry (England), Sofia (BG), Pori (Finland) and Sydney (Australia), so your new VPS could be set up closer to your audience. Each one of the facilities offers outstanding connectivity through some of the major ISPs in the respective country, so you shall enjoy incredible loading speeds from anywhere, but for your advantage we give you a choice for the location. The continuous work of the hosting servers where your Virtual Private Server will be set up is made certain by highly effective generators and UPS systems, so your sites will be functioning regardless of any unpredicted infrastructural challenges which may appear. We steer clear of hardware issues as well by employing backup hosting servers and the most recent generation of network devices in each of the facilities. One of the key advantages of obtaining an OpenVZ VPS from our firm is that the web servers inside all five data centers where the accounts are created use Solid-State Drives that are way quicker compared to the classic Hard Disk Drives.
Data centers in Dedicated Web Hosting
We have chosen one of the major data centers on earth for the dedicated server plans we provide. The Colohouse facility in the downtown area of Chicago offers exceptional conditions for all web servers accommodated there and that's one of the reasons to choose it for our servers. The data center is amongst the best places to host Internet sites that target North America as it has direct fiber connections with several major cities across the US and Canada, so how fast visitors will open your Internet sites shall depend only on their Internet connection. Multiple Internet service providers and a 1.5 MW diesel backup power generator ensure that your dedicated server will be working at all times and that your sites will never go offline. The most recent generation of Cisco network components and extensively tested server spare parts plus a 24-7 support are also among the factors behind our choice to offer dedicated web hosting within the Colohouse facility.