ClientExec is a great billing and support application, that's designed to help the control over small to mid-sized web hosting service providers. It is the link between the front- and the back-end and it allows for a client to acquire a web hosting package on the web and then to have their account activated. ClientExec will make it simple and easy for you to generate invoices, to set prices for hosting plans and domain names or to see performance statistics. Any time you use this software, you'll be able to include a payment processor, a domain registrar or an SSL service provider in several easy steps. ClientExec also includes an integrated ticketing system, that will help you provide support to your customers. If you decide to start your own reseller website hosting business and other people to help you in this venture, you can provide them with separate levels of access and each level will be able to access different sections and options in ClientExec.
ClientExec Billing and Support Software in VPS Hosting
ClientExec is one of the free gifts that we provide with each and every virtual private servers package that's bought with cPanel. In case you don't already have a different app or you don't want to spend more money on one, we will install a certified copy of ClientExec on the server in a matter of minutes. You won't have any limitations as to what options you can access or how much time you can use it, therefore you will have an overall billing and support solution for as long as you use your VPS. As we also offer a no cost eNom domain name reseller account, you will be able to use ClientExec with it and link them with just a few clicks, as the app has an eNom plugin. Using our cPanel-based VPS plans, you will acquire everything you'll need to start a rewarding reseller business with nominal investment and effort.
ClientExec Billing and Support Software in Dedicated Web Hosting
ClientExec comes for free with all of our dedicated server plans that are set up with the cPanel hosting Control Panel, which means that you will not need to pay anything for a billing/support platform before you start your reseller hosting business. If you would like to use this application, we'll install it for you. What you'll obtain will be a fully licensed copy and not some time-limited trial version with limited functionality, so you will be able to take advantage of all the features which ClientExec offers right away. You'll be able to link the platform to the eNom domain reseller account, that we will provide you with gratis as well, so when you choose to opt for one of our dedicated servers in order to launch your own hosting company, you will save a lot of money on billing software, not to mention the deposit that you'd have had to make for the site reseller account under different circumstances.